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Charles Grassley

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden (D-OR)

AHCA: Managed care transparency needed

The government should collect and release more claims information from managed care plans, the nation’s largest long-term care provider association stated in a recent letter to Senate leaders.

Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL)

Senators urge tougher LTC survey process

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services said it plans to focus more on quality improvement initiatives rather than stricter surveys, but that didn’t stop a pair of veteran U.S. senators from calling for more stringent measures.

Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA)

Medicaid-only long-term care residents driving up state expenditures, report finds

Among people eligible for Medicaid but not Medicare, long-term care residents are most likely to be among the costliest beneficiaries for a state, according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office. Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) requested the report, noting that much research has focused on those eligible for both Medicaid and Medicare, but has largely overlooked the Medicaid-only group.

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