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Clinical Briefs for Wednesday, January 15

‘Ageotypes’ study ties healthy behaviors to decrease in aging markers … Access to Medicare increases cancer detection, reduces cancer mortality rate … Psychiatric conditions linked to cognitive performance in Parkinson’s … Eli Lilly to launch half-priced versions of two more insulin products

Clinical Briefs for Monday, January 13

Watch the kidneys: Heart disease linked to a higher risk of renal failure … Combining antibiotics may promote resistance, study finds … Could synthetic neuron cells replace those lost to Parkinson’s? … Advocacy group decries stalled prostate cancer death rate, ‘mixed messaging’ on screening

Clinical Briefs for Friday, November 8

Loss of food enjoyment can isolate cancer patients … No hospital disinfectants can kill off C. difficile bacterium … Study helps explain why exercise guards against heart disease … ‘First-of-its-kind’ Medicaid project to increase access to behavioral health treatments

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