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Clinical Briefs for Friday, August 7

Potentially inappropriate meds prescribed at ‘high rates’ may increase healthcare visits, costs … Drugmakers ink deal to commercialize promising Parkinson’s drug … Skin disease common in older adults, say researchers … Dip in cancer cases likely reveals treatment delays due to pandemic

Clinical Briefs for Wednesday, June 10

Tai chi may help lift depression in older adults with heart disease …  Heart scan plus physical activity predicts mortality risk in seniors, study finds … Alzheimer research: Noise-inducing neurons shut down memories … American Cancer Society updates diet and physical activity guidelines

Clinical Briefs for Monday, June 1

Non-stop COVID-19 testing ‘a pathway through the fog,’ says D.C. nursing home operator … CDC: Antibody tests not yet accurate enough for use in coronavirus policy-making … Patients with cancer or in remission have higher COVID-19 mortality rate … COVID-19 will be focus of June 4 McKnight’s Online Forum

Clinical Briefs for Thursday, May 14

Mental health problems may be new normal for healthcare workers during pandemic … Adults with cancer appear more vulnerable to COVID-19 … Study confirms diabetes 3c diagnosis tied to pancreatic cancer … Doctors struggle to decide which COVID-19 patients should get remdesivir

Clinical Briefs for Thursday, May 7

‘The virus isn’t a death sentence’: New Jersey facility takes on COVID-19 with success … Anemia pill achieves phase 3 trial goals; could lead to safer dialysis treatment … Age alone should not rule out cancer surgery, study suggests

Clinical Briefs for Thursday, April 30

Multi-cancer blood test detects disease before symptoms show … Rheumatoid arthritis patients unaware of high cardiovascular risks … Alzheimer’s gene culprit triggers early breakdowns in the blood-brain barrier … Hearing loss linked to postural instability

Clinical Briefs for Wednesday, April 29

Associations create ‘heat map’ of U.S. eldercare facilities with COVID-19 cases …  Certain cancers raise COVID-19 mortality risk threefold … New drug formulation could treat Candida infections … Half of U.S. seniors say medical care disrupted during pandemic: Most expect continued self isolation

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