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Breast Cancer

Clinical briefs for Tuesday, Oct. 27

Universal mask-wearing could cut 130,000 U.S. COVID deaths by March, study finds … Hard physical labor ups dementia risk; ‘good’ activity has reverse effect … Surgery may help bridge the breast cancer survival gap for older women … Diet app aims to help heart, kidney patients track healthy foods … Practice standards for person-centered dementia…

Clinical briefs for Wednesday, Oct. 21

Breast cancer mortality 27% lower with later-life mammograms … ‘First documented’ C difficile pacemaker infection concerns researchers … Cancer survivor study finds less sitting benefits seniors’ mental health … More pharmacies able to directly bill Medicare, receive pay for SNF coronavirus vaccinations … CDC reports 300K excess deaths during pandemic: Hispanics hit hard

Clinical Briefs for Tuesday, April 7

Surgical masks appropriate for most COVID-19 treatment, finds study … Coronavirus is aerosolized through talking, exhalation … Fiber consumption linked to lower breast cancer risk … African Americans more likely to die from coronavirus illness, early data shows

Clinical Briefs for Wednesday, February 26

A weak heart can affect the brain and contribute to cognitive decline … Annual breast cancer screening not beneficial for women over age 75 … Adults don’t need tetanus, diphtheria boosters if fully vaccinated as children, study claims … Wearable sensor predicts worsening heart failure days before hospitalization

Clinical Briefs for Monday, January 27

Aging breast cancer survivors suffer greater decline in physical function … Living near major roads linked to risk of dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and MS … Black nursing home residents don’t have higher rates of inappropriate antipsychotic use … Improving nursing home-to-ER transitions: an analysis by ER docs

Clinical Briefs for Tuesday, January 7

Nursing homes in 11 states may see reduction in transportation rates for portable X-ray suppliers … Many older adults use online reviews to choose doctor – with caution, poll finds … Nonconforming breast cancer treatment in elderly women may not worsen outcomes … Unorthodox Alzheimer’s researcher Robert Moir dies at 58

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