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Clinical briefs for Thursday, Jan. 7

Certain antipsychotics linked to poorer cognition and function in Alzheimer’s study … CMS details 5 new scenarios that trigger infection control-focused surveys … Global investigation to explore growing evidence of COVID brain damage … New drug technology may improve osteoporosis treatment, scientists say … Wisconsin tops states in deadly falls among seniors, feds find

Clinical Briefs for Monday, January 27

Aging breast cancer survivors suffer greater decline in physical function … Living near major roads linked to risk of dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and MS … Black nursing home residents don’t have higher rates of inappropriate antipsychotic use … Improving nursing home-to-ER transitions: an analysis by ER docs

Clinical Briefs for Wednesday, January 8

Antibiograms cannot be used interchangeably between acute care and nursing home affiliates … Antipsychotics raise risk of heart attack, death in hospital study … Lifelong female exercisers benefit from better muscle function … New guidelines available for treating men with age-related low testosterone

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