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Clinical Briefs for Tuesday, June 16

FDA revokes emergency use status for hydroxychloroquine … Eli Lilly launches trial of arthritis drug to treat COVID-19 … Long-term, phase-2 trial to study potential Alzheimer’s medication … Once-weekly insulin shows promise in early trial … Disrupted sleep rhythms in older men linked to later Parkinson’s diagnosis

Clinical Briefs for Friday, June 5

Sit-to-stand study improved body weight, but not physical function in residents … Low-dose aspirin does not prevent depression in healthy older adults … Mouth bacteria can infect brain cells, supporting Alzheimer’s link … Top journals retract hydroxychloroquine Covid-19 studies

Clinical Briefs for Thursday, April 30

Multi-cancer blood test detects disease before symptoms show … Rheumatoid arthritis patients unaware of high cardiovascular risks … Alzheimer’s gene culprit triggers early breakdowns in the blood-brain barrier … Hearing loss linked to postural instability

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