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Also in the News for Tuesday, July 20

Providers will end 2021 better than they started: report … Early-onset dementia prevalence higher than previously estimated, with Alzheimer’s diagnoses leading the surge … Rare COVID-19 vaccine breakthroughs hit seniors disproportionately … Federal oversight, healthcare fraud prosecutions netted $3.1 billion last fiscal year

Clinical briefs for Monday, June 28

To save itself, Medicare could deny coverage of controversial new Alzheimer’s drug, expert predicts … Aduhelm most appropriate for early dementia, MCI, experts say … Eli Lilly to seek early approval for its Alzheimer’s drug donanemab … Elders’ life expectancy shouldn’t top list of cancer screening priorities: study … Overlooked question on new Alzheimer’s drug: When should patients stop taking it? … Workers at 12 PA nursing homes cite sick time rules as part of vote to strike … NIH studying COVID immunity in vaccinated pregnant women and their infants … Leading clinician groups affirm COVID vaccine safety after heart inflammation findings

Why do we need a Resident Engagement Institute?

Prior to the global pandemic, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report indicated that  long-term care residents receive only 11 minutes of engagement, with assisted living residents getting just 20 minutes per day (outside of assistance with ADLs and IADLs). As the long-term care and senior living industries emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic and…

Clinical briefs for Monday, June 21

New material could remove respiratory droplets from air … New clues point to the origin of Alzheimer’s disease … Advocating reimbursement parity for nurse practitioners … System helped hospital avoid long COVID-19-related lockdowns and saved lives, study says … Advanced age alone should not affect eligibility criteria for heart transplantation, analysis reports … UK to mandate COVID vaccines for nursing homes

Also in the News for Friday, June 11

Backlash against newly approved Alzheimer’s drug continues with resignations, pharma insiders’ poll calling it a high-priced ‘disaster’ … Latest AARP analysis finds 800 COVID-19 deaths per month in U.S. nursing homes … Newly connected nursing home residents are taking their concerns to public officials … Nation’s veterans homes keeping lax data on COVID outbreaks, especially…

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