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Clinical Briefs for Friday, January 31

U.S. life expectancy goes up for the first time since 2014 … FDA to review skin patch therapy for Alzheimer’s … U.S. outperforms peers in flu vaccination among seniors, underperforms in other healthcare measures … Blood pressure drug tied to lower gout risk

Clinical Briefs for Wednesday, October 30

Scientists identify critical window for treating Alzheimer’s … First-line blood pressure treatments not as effective as thiazide diuretics … Early retirement can accelerate cognitive decline … Available evidence inadequate to support view that medicinal cannabinoids improve mental health 

James M. Berklan

Latest great Alzheimer’s hope comes with caution

At first blush, news that a new breakthrough Alzheimer’s study had found an 87% success rate was, well, irritating. Why not closer to 100% or at least 90%? Although many media types splashed news of the hopeful British study, others collectively grumbled. “Get back to us when you have something truly solid to report,” they seemed to say.

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