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African American

Clinical briefs for Thursday, Sept. 17

COVID mortality among some older Blacks is five times that of whites, analysis finds … CCRC partnership trains future geriatricians to treat growing aging population … Intensive blood pressure-lowering treatment may prevent orthostatic hypertension … Need for pacemakers found to be higher in type 2 diabetes patients

Clinical Briefs for Thursday, June 11

Fully 20% of people with hearing aids do not use them, a new study finds … NIH: Smoking more than doubles stroke risk in African Americans … A senior living exec with COVID-19 has a message for providers: Stay vigilant … Good vitamin D status can protect against cancer, say researchers

Clinical Briefs for Tuesday, April 7

Surgical masks appropriate for most COVID-19 treatment, finds study … Coronavirus is aerosolized through talking, exhalation … Fiber consumption linked to lower breast cancer risk … African Americans more likely to die from coronavirus illness, early data shows

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