For SNF operators, keeping a resident at the facility by preventing an early, unexpected, or unnecessary discharge results in positive resident outcomes. Here are four ways SNFs can work with their pharmacy partners to keep their residents at “home,” while streamlining processes and saving care providers’ valuable time.

Collaborate more with vendor partners who have integrated services

Synchrony brought its rehab, wellness, lab, and pharmacy services under one umbrella to fully integrate its clinical offerings for better collaboration between them, and better collaboration with its client partners. The result? A more streamlined approach, less risk, and more communication leading to higher-quality experiences for residents.

Be innovative about keeping patients living independently

Synchrony designed a program to help support patients as they transition home or to independent living from the SNF setting, allowing them to gain or maintain greater independence. This solution, PackEDGE, is a customized medication delivery system where medications are sorted and packaged by time of day and delivered right to the patient’s home in an easy-to-open package. This improves medication adherence resulting in fewer rehospitalizations.

Whenever possible, deprescribe 

Because SNF patients are on an average of 11 or more medications a day, one remedy Synchrony employs is “Medication Optimization.” By decreasing polypharmacy, Synchrony helps SNFs decrease the medication burden for their patients, decreasing overall costs for the facility and the healthcare system while impacting the resident’s quality of life.

Embrace pharmacogenomics

Synchrony has partnered with GeneIQ for innovative technology to help assess how each individual uniquely metabolizes medications. Pharmacogenomics is a simple lab test that shows how a person’s genes can dictate their response to a variety of medications. Synchrony supports the utilization of this science with our consultant pharmacists who are trained to help interpret the results and provide actionable recommendations.

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