What started on a whim in the 1980s has come full circle for David V. Pomeranz, who once was a wheelchair transport assistant and on April 1 became the new president and CEO of RiverSpring Living in New York on April. In preparation for the promotion from COO, he visited with workers on all three shifts and also did a stint again in his “favorite” job, helping wheel residents to their appointments and activities.

“You have to constantly put yourself out there,” Pomeranz told McKnight’s Long-Term Care News Executive Editor James M. Berklan during this McKnight’s Newsmakers podcast.

Overseeing the care of nearly 20,000 individuals, Pomeranz predicts more dementia care in RiverSpring’s future, as well as deeper involvement with technology — for his organization and the entire sector. 

The self-styled coach and “conductor,” says operators’ focus should be “all about staff” at this point. Providers must create viable career paths and options, he added, and then make them known to younger job candidates.