As some would-be administrators-in-training struggle to find placements, organizations looking to grow the next generation of long-term care leaders say it’s time for a reset.

“We need to look at it more from the standpoint of investment instead of viewing the whole process as an expense,” says Bob Lane, president of the American College of Health Care Administrators, and the guest on this Newsmakers podcast. “That’s what it truly is: investing time and dollars into bolstering a field that is so important for the care of our elders now and going forward.”

Lane talked with McKnight’s Long-Term Care News about efforts to raise the stature of AITs, or residency programs, and some of the obstacles facing both providers and trainees.

Listen in to this episode hosted by Senior Editor Kimberly Marselas to understand why he’s joining the Vision Centre and others to encourage more nursing homes to offer up preceptors and nurture new talent — even if those workers might eventually work outside that facility.