Cutting with a plan — it applies to you too

With all the buzz, excitement, and, need I say, even moments of panic around the final rule and clarifications for the Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM), we as an industry need to remain purposeful in our planning.

Final rule: Is it Christmas in July?

Therapists will have case-mix determinants based on clinical areas of the Minimal Data Set in addition to clinical categories which are associated with the acute care stay necessitating the need for a post-acute care level of care in the SNF environment.

Caregiving full circle

The cancer was extensive and had spread fast. As a result of this and after a multitude of hospital stays, he ended up in a skilled nursing facility in a small town in Kentucky.

Calling safe! Before you are ... OUT!

In a culture that calls for more person-centered and person-directed care, we often have to caution our patients to not call themselves "safe," before they are discharged out of our care.

Grandmother-level quality

My grandmother decided to have an elective knee replacement — at 89 years of age — followed by a stay for rehab in a skilled nursing facility. Quality matters to her and therefore I wanted to know that she would receive the same quality care during her recovery. How could we do that?

Caregiver Unburdened

Being a CNA, nurse, or therapist is also a big job requiring us to make decisions daily on when to care and when to allow those we serve to demonstrate their independence with tasks.

Head, shoulders, curbs and elbows

In our post-acute world if we depend on basics alone, we limit ourselves in the specificity of measures we can achieve.

RCS-Done ... Tech Support, please!

I was all ready for my presentation on RCS-I, and then I literally lost power and had the run yanked out from under me at the same time.

Motherhood, the job that gets you somewhere

Motherhood and its life lessons take the cake when it comes to making connections with therapy patients.

Therapy plans shouldn't be written in stone

What is your preferred writing tool? Pen? Pencil? Do you take notes in color? Use highlighters? I'm sure I'm not the only one judging you by this.

Rehab Realities

Rehab Realities is written by Renee Kinder, MS, CCC-SLP, RAC-CT.  She currently serves as Director of Clinical Education for Encore Rehabilitation and acts as editor of Perspectives on Gerontology, a publication of the American Speech Language Hearing Association.