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Rehab Realities by Renee Kinder

Change, it doesn’t have to be hard

We have all heard “change is hard.” But I am here to tell you that with some purposeful planning, it doesn’t have to be.

IMPACT of an Infinite Game

Here’s a line I’d like you to ponder: Leaders who embrace an infinite mindset build stronger, more innovative, more inspiring organizations.

PDGM: What SNF operators need to know

New Year, new reimbursement model … for our home health counterparts, that is. Think the changes will not impact you? Think again.

2019: What was your message?

It’s time to look back at the year, learn from successes, determine areas for continued internal growth, and develop plans for future messaging.

Some ‘go-to’ rule sites for LTC pros

I continue to believe the occasional concerns, regulatory misunderstandings and questions associated with internal policy seen in the post-acute world are often secondary to a general lack of understanding of the rules.

PDPM: Redefining Advantage

Can quality outcomes be delivered with fewer therapy minutes now that PDPM is pushing other payment buttons? The question deserves a full airing.

You need to calm down …

Friday evenings in our house have a general theme as we transition into the weekend.

PDPM: Keep calm and choose wisely

As PDPM comes ever nearer to being reality, conversations across therapy teams should remain focused on ensuring care is uniquely skilled, and that therapists are practicing at the top of their clinical license.

PDPM checklist for success

It’s that time again! Time for back to school, meeting new teachers, making new friends and looking forward to adventures ahead.

Freedom, the clinical way

Freedom means a lot of different things to people. I often feel it just means getting out of typical routines and spreading out in more of a creative sense while also getting back to functional care and therapy roots.

After the storm

Life hasn’t just been stormy. It’s been more like a torrential downpour that will not stop. But we all know that after a storm comes the … rainbow, new life, and a fresh beginning.

Supporting safety and security

I wrote two weeks ago about Maslow’s hierarchy, its relation to caregiving, and the benefit of aiming to achieve an esteem level belonging with the care you provide allowing individuals to feel fully respected. As a refresher, our needs are built across tiers of sorts, each tier must be met before an individual can progress…
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