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Two new reports add to growing evidence that the transition from hospital to skilled nursing facility is less than ideal.

The United Hospital Fund in New York released its analyses in January, based on interviews with patients and providers. Authors from the New York nonprofit noted that individuals often felt they were rushed, with little say in which facility they ended up. Patients and their families want to know more upfront about what to expect during their SNF stay, but it’s rare that they get that info,  said Kristina Ramos-Callan, a UHF program manager and co-author of one analysis.

“Families typically report that the transition is rushed, and that there are pieces of information missing,” she said. “There’ a serious knowledge gap in what families are told and what they’re able to find out on their own. ”

Authors noted that hospitals’ efforts to smooth transitions are often hampered by pressures to increase efficiency, constraints from insurance providers, authorization delays, and regulations that limit assistance they can provide to patients. Location and access to transportation were often critical factors in choosing a nursing facility.