Male registered nurses continue to earn more than their female counterparts, despite males often having less education and being less likely to be certified. That’s according to the latest “Nurse Salary Research” survey conducted by

The survey revealed that the average primary salary for RNs is $75,293. Female nurses reported earning  an average of $72,703 per year, while males reported making $80,000. While males worked slightly more hours than females, the differences in hours worked do not explain the median salary difference between males and females, the survey authors noted. LPNs earned an average annual primary salary of $45,000.

Negotiating salary could help close the gender pay gap, however, the survey suggested. Investigators found a small correlation between RNs, advanced practice registered nurses and licensed practical nurses/licensed vocational nurses who negotiated their salaries and those who commanded higher primary pay.

 Further, while 46% of male RNs reported that they negotiate salary either, always or most of the time, only 34% of female RNs reported doing so. 

More than 7,400 RNs, APRNs and LPNs/LVNs from across the United States responded to the survey between the months of March and May.