A senior community’s creative approach to a fishing trip received acclaim on an international level. 

Since they couldn’t take their seniors on one of their regular fishing trips due to the pandemic, the “Hall Hoppin’ Heroes” at Trinity Place Albemarle in Albemarle, NC, instead brought the water to the residents. 

Activity and recreational staff members at the 79-bed facility responded by developing a fishing cart — with real fish — for residents to enjoy. 

“Fishing is a pastime that triggers memories and allows them to feel as though they are a part of the big world outside. Also with the live fish, this enables all levels of dementia to enjoy the fish from their baseline,” said Cora Ingle, life enrichment director at Trinity Place Albemarle. 

The team’s creativity paid off after the International Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners honored the fishing cart in its cart contest in which it placed second out of 250 submitted entries. The organization announced the honor in mid-August. 

The contest highlighted how nursing homes, assisted living communities, hospitals and adult day care centers have responded to challenges while still trying to provide high-quality services to residents. 

The facility received a $100 gift card in addition to the global