The Belpre, OH, community watched with amazement at how expertly the Rockland Ridge Nursing and Rehabilitation project came together with control, precision and efficiency over 14 months.

Foundations Health Solutions, the largest provider of post-acute services in Ohio, owns 59 properties in the region and utilizes staff expertise to build and improve facilities in its portfolio.

“Having our own construction team affords us a unique opportunity to learn from our prior projects to ensure that we deliver the best product for our customers,” says Jim Park, Foundations’ regional director of operations. “We lean heavily on our front line staff to challenge us with our new designs, as they know what truly works best.”

Developer Brian Colleran saw a substantial need for skilled nursing care in Belpre, near Parkersburg, WV. The nearly 52,000-square-foot, 84-bed facility held a grand opening in July. Park says the property fulfills the needs of the community, doing so with the latest, efficient technology and consumer-driven features that can enhance clinical outcomes.

Colleran reflects on the Rockland Ridge project as an example of how long-term care design has advanced in recent years: “We recognize a correlation between the physical plant and clinical outcomes. A facility with private rooms, outdoor spaces, modern lighting, work-safe surfaces, and 21st century technology leads to higher employee morale. By building a home where residents thrive, staff become more engaged and proud of the care being provided,” he says.

Inside & out

Administrator Chelsea Holsinger calls Rockland Ridge “a nice place to live and to heal.”

An outdoor courtyard serves as a centerpiece for the facility, providing a welcoming atmosphere for socializing, lounging and activities.

“Along with being beautiful and providing social interaction, there is a physical therapy aspect to it,” Holsinger says. “There are walking paths with steps, ramps, curbs and different ground materials to help residents maintain balance while getting their exercise.”

An adjacent sunroom provides natural light and brings the outdoors in during winter,  and a spacious gym is available for all residents. Eco-friendly infrastructure and energy-saving features are also key.

“We are passionate that form needs to continue to match (industry) advancements,” Park says. “A main goal of the design was to create both an internal and external environment that encourages physical and mental development, stress relief and an overall desire to be well. We feel we accomplished this goal.”