We have several residents who are consistently getting bruises on their arms from completing their ADLs or bumping into something. Even when rubbing on lotions, or scratching an itch on their arm, they give themselves a skin tear. Any suggestions to help protect some of these arms, or to keep the pickers from picking at the moles or bumps on their arms?

There are many wonderful arm covers on the market, sold by a number of medical suppliers. Arm covers come in different sizes, and many are made of the material like Spandex.

There are also some creative homemade arm covers on sites like Etsy or Zazzle that are sort of like a busy bee blanket or activity center we get for toddlers or infants. These, however, are designed for the dementia resident who may be a “picker” of the skin on their arms/legs. The arm covers have short fringe, zippers, snaps, well fastened buttons, faces, flowers or many activities that will keep the resident busy and not picking at their skin.

Some of these are knitted, crocheted, made of a support stocking-type material, they are washable, and some even offered to professionally add the resident’s name to the inside of the arm cover when purchased. 

I also saw some leg covers. Not only will they protect the skin on the legs, but these will act as leg warmers in the winter. For those who are a bit chilly or too active for a lap throw, these leg warmers would certainly be a welcome addition.

I am sure if you have creative family members, and/or an auxiliary that does special projects, they may be able to crochet, knit or sew some of these items for your residents. Take pictures of the items you would like them to make and ask to meet with someone from the auxiliary, to see if anyone is able to assist.