A 60-second interview with CEO Steve Lindsey on Ilumin, the new parent organization of Garden Spot Communities, Allegheny Lutheran Social Ministries and Liberty Lutheran Services.  

Q: Tell us about your decision to affiliate, creating one of the nation’s 50 largest not-for-profit aging services providers.

A: We were all stretched to deal with the complexities that COVID brought into our lives. That certainly sparked us to lean further into this process …This gives us an opportunity to express our mission and live out our mission in a bigger way. We think that by coming together, we’re going to be able to be much more creative in the way that we find opportunities to support people and let them live their purpose.

Q:How did you determine fit? 

A: Garden Spot is a little bit more weighted on the independent living side. Our partners are a little more heavily weighted on the healthcare side. That brings great expertise in both areas as we think about best practices, and sharing ideas and processes. It gives us more strength in all of those areas to go forward.

Q:How will each organization keep some of its individuality? 

A: There are a lot of differences between Philadelphia, Altoona and Lancaster. Even though we’ll share strong alignment around core areas, culture gets interpreted in different ways. We’re planning to celebrate that and allow each community to maintain aspects of its culture.