June 01, 2016 - McKnight's Long Term Care News

Print Issue: June 01, 2016

Steven Littlehale

Affordable analytics

Current use, and perhaps misuse, of Five-Star Nursing Home Ratings place significant emphasis on achieving a three-star overall rating, which requires stable performance in survey, staffing and quality. How can providers maximize their investment dollars to achieve this?

State Assembly Health Committee Chair Richard Gottfried

State News for June 2016

NEW YORK — A scathing indictment of the state’s system for licensing, monitoring and disciplining nurses has caught the attention of key officials in Albany following an investigation by a group of independent journalists earlier this year.

John O'Connor

When failure is a virtue

In “My Losing Season,” Pat Conroy’s moving memoir notes how championship teams keep the good times going. They jump up and down when the game ends. They party and have victory dinners afterward. Years later, they are still reuniting and staying in touch to reminisce.

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