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Print Issue: December 2018

McKnight's Long-Term Care News, December 2018, Page 4, 60 Seconds With, Jill Schumann

60 Seconds with … Jill Schumann

Q: What should providers know about trauma-informed care? A: The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is asking for policies that are “culturally competent and trauma-informed” by Nov. 2019. Given all of the other requirements for Phase 3, there may be a tendency to view this information purely from a compliance perspective. It’s worth the…

McKnight's Long-Term Care News, December 2018, Page 3, Choir

Moody blues? Join a choir, new study says

Participating in community choirs can help to reduce loneliness and boost seniors’ interest in life, according to University of California San Francisco researchers. Over a three-year period, investigators found that seniors who sang in a choir for six months experienced marked improvements in loneliness and interest in life. No substantial improvements were found, however, in…

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