Old Age

Pew report: US expectations for elder care are at odds with those in similar nations


People in the United States are much more likely to say that seniors should be responsible for their own care, compared with people living in similar economies around the world, according to a recently released study from the Pew Research Center.

Gardening programs good way to boost health, energy of older adults, researchers find

Older adults who spend time gardening are more likely to eat healthier foods, and report better quality of life and higher energy levels than other seniors who don't garden, according to new research.

'Cross-talk' in the brain responsible for slowed responses in old age, study says

What we might have here is a failure to communicate: Breakdowns in certain brain connections could be responsible for slowed physical reaction times as we age, new research suggests.

Older adults enjoy better relationships with family, friends, article finds

Say what you will about youth today, but a new article finds that people of all ages are willing to forgive and respect their elders.

Cheer up! Old age is on its way


So it turns out that getting old isn't so bad after all. Why? We actually become happier as we age.