Nursing home – home caregiver helping an elderly man out of bed

Digital wound care technology led to a 13.1% reduction in pressure injuries a year after 128 facilities in a large skilled nursing chain began using a new platform, according to a large study published in Wounds.

Researchers reported the technology — using clinical algorithms and technology developed for the Mars Rover — also reduced healing time by an average of 37% and led to an 8% reduction in high-level citations at facilities using it.

“These clinical benefits were associated with direct and indirect cost saving resulting from managing these injuries and their complications,” the authors reported. “This highlights the role of an AI-powered wound management solution in improving PI rates and the necessity of adopting a broader wound care program in which clinicians fully use digital tools to maximize productivity, improve clinical outcomes, and reduce PI-related costs.”

Key elements were the ability to capture high-quality images and documentation, make accurate wound assessments, easily analyze tissue characteristics and accurately predict healing and patient risk.