Golden LivingCenter - Indianapolis

Golden LivingCenter-Indianapolis’ success with AlixaRx’s Automated Dispensing Unit won the facility the Innovator of the Year award in the 2013 McKnight’s Technology Awards. All Golden centers now use an ADU machine.

“Indianapolis was an early adopter,” says Sean Foster, vice president of operations.

One benefit from ADU is eliminating the costs of restocking drug emergency kits, which contain antibiotics, intramuscular medications or other medications.

“There was a substantial cost related to having to replace it three or four times a week,” says Donna Jenkinson, LPN. “That cost now is zero.” 

Before ADU, the center had traditional “bingo” cards. But if a resident left or died, it wasn’t uncommon to have only half of the medications taken and a pharmacy that couldn’t accept them back.

“ADU pulls one pill when it’s needed,” says Director of Nursing Donna McCormick. She adds there are environmental benefits.

Since ADU, there have been no instances of drug diversion. Additionally, ADU has dramatically changed med passes, Jenkinson says.

“I save between thirty minutes and an hour in the morning and thirty minutes at lunch,” she says. “That’s 1.5 hours saved for time in hands-on nursing care.”