There was history-making news in long-term care in 2022, and McKnight’s Long-Term Care News was there to report it every step of the way. Just as importantly, McKnight’s most popular blogs also were around to deliver keen insight and make sense of things as only they could.

Whether the issue is clinical, administrative, regulatory or existential, there is a continual flow of rich opinions and commentary at New columns appear every single business day of the year, providing unequaled insight and interpretation.

Here is a look at 2022’s most-read blogs and most listened to podcasts from McKnight’s, as indicated by hundreds of thousands of reader clicks.

Top staff blogs

To mask or not to mask? That is the question
Editorial Director John O’Connor was the most popular blogger of the year with this December column that pondered the question that everyone has had to grapple with. But especially those who care for the frail and elderly.

Nursing homes and the welcoming of reforms
Writing at the first opportunity after President Biden’s bombshell unveiling of a 21-point nursing home reform package, Executive Editor James M. Berklan grabbed attention with a counterintuitive headline and a dissection of the major issues at hand. Who, indeed, could welcome such reforms, and why? 

Let’s put a new spin on this tired ol’ nursing home staffing story
Senior Editor Kimberly Marselas tackles THE most significant operational topic of the year — and gives readers something fresh to think about.

Top featured blogger posts

Wait, what did you say, CMS?
“The Real Nurse Jackie” creator Jacqueline Vance, tells nursing homes’ leading regulator, in her own inimitable way, that its methods for reining in providers are way off. “The environment sucks and we’re doing the best we can. You want to do this now? Fabulous.”

Therapists, take note! Proposed changes to ICD-10 mapping
“Rehab Realities” author Renee Kinder delivered the keys to the code, and readers took note. Very good notes, in fact.

Whatever you’re doing to fight long-term stress, stop it
If you don’t crack a grin when you’re reading this clever installment of Gary Tetz’s “Things I Think” blog, you might not be wide enough awake. Or you may be reading with a glass of wine in your hand. 

Selfless or selfish? An important question for leaders
“As leaders, we can recognize when there is a need to be selfish with our time and energy so we can rebuild our strength and resiliency” counsels “Living Leadership” writer Julie Thorson in this popular blog post. There’s much more behind this assertion.

Top guest blogs

A nursing emergency
The president of the John A. Hartford Foundation, Terry Fulmer, says she has the solution to addressing national nursing shortages.

A beast of a month leads nursing homes closer to the brink
New Hampshire Health Care Association President and CEO Brendan Williams takes on the “flogging” of nursing homes in an April column. It perfectly sums up providers’ feelings as pandemic conditions wear down the faithful.

Top Marketplace Experts blogs

With new staffing mandates on the horizon, nursing home owners must adapt now
SmartLinx’s Michelle Northey warns there is no time to waste in prepping for potential new federal staffing standards. You’ll be intrigued by the “why.”

America’s nursing homes at a crossroads
“The partnership between government and nursing home operators is failing,” declares Scott Rifkin, MD, founder of Real Time Medical Systems and Provider Partners Health Plan. Among other things, he asserts, incentives are all wrong.

Top Newsmakers Podcast

An LTC hero rises above a deadly natural disaster
Go back with assistant director of nursing Cassie Morris as she describes to Executive Editor James M. Berklan how she and her colleagues presciently led a practice drill and then threw their own bodies into the fray to protect and rescue residents at Mayfield (KY) Health & Rehabilitation. The building was demolished but the residents and staff were not during a December 2021 tornado spree that killed dozens along a 165-mile long path.

Top Market Leaders Podcast

Setting the record straight on the White House’s Nursing Home Reform Package
Editorial Director John O’Connor hosted the industry’s leading spokesman, American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living President and CEO Mark Parkinson, and PharMerica’s TJ Griffin, as they gave insiders’ looks at President Biden’s controversial proposals.

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