One Louisiana skilled nursing facility has become a regular animal house, though it’s not populated by frat boys and sorority sisters.

Rather, the Many Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, in Many, LA, is welcoming cats and dogs to its quarters to help bring a little friskiness into residents’ lives. The nursing home recently partnered with the local animal shelter to create its new program called the Animal House Club, KTBS reports.

It started when one resident found a wounded dog on the side of the road and brought her back to the facility, naming her Tula. Some of the residents then decided to start the club, with a play area in its courtyard for pets. But wanting to help more, they started making blankets for pets at the Sabine Humane Society, crafting more than 100.

The program was recognized by the Pioneer Network in September with a Community Commitment Award for its contributions to the eldercare field. Pioneer noted that the program has many facets, but it believes that the highlight is its “TLC Program,” which allows club members to foster kittens and puppies.

“It’s very therapeutic, especially for me,” resident Valerie Gadd told the TV station.

“It encourages culture change in the nursing home field. You’re getting away from the old, traditional, institutional-style nursing homes, and  it’s more of a home-like environment,” Dietary Manager June Bolton added.