Asked recently what kind of Valentine’s Day cards he’d like to give his classmates, a 7-year-old Wisconsin boy decided to go in a completely different direction.

Instead, Logan Caron said he was more worried that seniors at nursing homes wouldn’t receive cards, his mother Bev told  the NBC affiliate in Green Bay.

“It kind of came out of nowhere, and I just love his excitement for it,” the mother said.

Logan enlisted help from his friends at grammar school in Appleton, WI. He posted about the project on Facebook and set up a collection box at church. The initial goal was to gather 100, but now they have more than 350 and counting.

Logan told NBC that he planned to deliver the cards by hand to local nursing homes “because it will make people happy.”

Bev Caron, who works in hospice, knows the gesture will have a huge impact.

“Most of the elderly patients I know have been overjoyed to see kids come and visit. So to have the visit and a card, I think will be really cool for everybody,” she said.