Scout prepares for another fundraiser in his honor. Photo courtesy of Meadowbrook Antrim County Medical Care Facility.

If all dogs go to heaven, one pound pup was sure set on finding his own slice at Meadow Brook Antrim County Medical Care Facility in Bellaire, MI. 

After a restless stay at the Antrim County Animal Shelter, a black, mixed-breed dog named Scout embarked on a journey across a highway and scooted through the sliding doors of the nearby nursing home.

Cue the sheriff, who took him back to the shelter. But this underdog was not to be denied.

He escaped again and fled to the same nursing home, where he knew nobody and vice versa … and then was returned to the shelter again. But then a third visit — again, over fences and across a highway — into to this lucky nursing facility turned out to be the charm

“He’s been here longer than I have,” said nurse Hannah Gregory. “Sometimes when new people come in, they are [hesitant], but once they get to know him, they realize that he’s harmless.”

Scout’s unique persistence paid off. He has been a permanent fixture at Meadow Brook for about two years now, content to roam from floor to floor in the building.

While he is shared by everyone at the facility, the primary hand that feeds is household coordinator Jenny Martinek. Her duties include exercise, veterinary visits, among others. 

Scout’s popularity is not limited to the halls he protects. He has achieved coast-to-coast press coverage and even inspired a fundraiser benefiting the place he thrice escaped from, Scout’s House Paws for the Pantry Fundraiser for the Antrim County Animal Shelter. The 2nd edition recently kicked off and selections from an Amazon wish list and donations are currently being accepted. Hundreds of dollars come into the fundraiser each year from strangers who heard about Scout’s story online. 

This is one powerful dog, indirectly bringing positive attention to nursing homes everywhere.

More than anything else, Scout is a friend to the staff and residents alike. He’s got his paws on the pulse of the community, always looking for a good time or a person in need of a good time. 

“He’s comforting,” said Gregory, “When somebody is upset or something’s happening then he’ll go in the rooms and hang out for a little. He’s very intuitive.”