Most nursing homes get a little dressed up for the holidays. But one Massachusetts facility is taking things to a whole new level, with adornments that would make even Martha Stewart jealous.

That’s because of Maristhill Nursing and Rehabilitation Center’s all-star director of activities, Bill Driscoll, who has his care community looking like a winter wonderland, decked out in every variety of light strands and tinsel.

He says his creativity came at a very young age dating back to his days at parochial school. But Driscoll’s love for decorating really blossomed when he joined the Waltham, MA, provider as a second career about a decade ago.

“My teachers were nuns. They were incredibly resourceful. I learned to think creatively,” he says.

Driscoll formerly worked in the corporate world, but when his mother fell ill, he turned an eye toward senior care. After landing on Maristhill as the place for his mom, he started volunteering there every week, helping with bingo and other activities. After a while, the activities role came open and Driscoll jumped on it.

Decorating the facility has become his passion and each year he looks to outdo himself, according to his colleagues.

“Seeing their home decked-out brings them immense joy,” Driscoll says of his residents. “Their faces light up and hearing them brag to their visiting family members is a feeling like no other.”