Artificial intelligence software company Somatix has created the SafeBeing platform to allow caregivers to continuously monitor and analyze patients’ daily routines in real-time. It uses an enterprise dashboard, smartband, user mobile app and caretaker/family app. 

The technology is intended to be used at nursing homes, and in senior living communities and in-home settings following discharge.

SafeBeing uses a proprietary and patented gesture detection technology, along with AI and advanced analytics. It can now measure daily habits such as drinking to determine patient hydration; detect hand movements; and report on activities and events such as walking, sleeping, smoking, location, and a variety of insights and predictive analytics.

Monitoring such activities can help healthcare providers detect variations that may be cause for concern, initiate reminders for users, and send alerts to caregivers and family members. 

Jewish Home of Eastern Pennsylvania, a provider of short-term rehabilitation and long-term skilled nursing care, and Elan Gardens, a personal care facility in Clarks Summit, PA, both recently selected SafeBeing as their patient-monitoring platform.

“SafeBeing provides caregivers and healthcare professionals with the most impactful solution on the market to identify changes in condition of their patients, reduce readmissions, and improve clinical quality metrics,” said Eran Ofir, CEO of Somatix. “We look forward to showcasing the latest capabilities to healthcare executives who are attending HIMSS in search of technology to improve patient outcomes.” 

Somatix provides other remote patient monitoring solutions for healthcare providers including elderly care facilities, hospitals and substance abuse rehabilitation centers. Its cost-effective platform uses patented gesture detection technology, machine learning algorithms.