Siren Diabetic Socks

A special sock that’s new to the market is aiming to make it easier for diabetics to easily monitor their foot injuries.

The Siren Diabetic Sock helps residents by continuously monitoring their foot temperature, detecting signs of inflammation, which Siren notes is a precursor to foot ulcers. These socks are equipped with the company’s “Neurofabric,” which uses six integrated sensors to monitor foot temps at six key points. The socks are also machine washable, moisture-wicking and don’t require charging.

As part of the announcement, San Francisco-based Siren also said that it has raised $3.4 million to fuel further expansion of its products. The company notes that about 56% of diabetic foot ulcers eventually become infected, and 20% of those who suffer those infections end up with some sort of lower-extremity amputation.

“We built this technology because foot ulcers are the most common, costly and deadly complication for people with diabetes, yet there was no way to continuously monitor for these massive problems,” Ran Ma, CEO and co-founder of Siren, said in a press release. “Our Neurofabric has endless applications across healthcare, sports, military, and fashion, but it was obvious to us that solving this specific problem is where we had to start, because it impacts so many and can mean the difference between losing a limb or not.”