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CMS launches tool to help skilled nursing providers achieve interoperability

CMS launches tool to help skilled nursing providers achieve interoperability

The federal government launched a new tool on Thursday as part of an effort to give skilled nursing a better vehicle to exchange records with other healthcare stakeholders.

A tale of 2 vaccines: Shingles hot and hard to find; new flu shot languished, the CDC reports

A new vaccine has demonstrated success at treating shingles in the senior population, but actually finding the drug is proving difficult.

Residents receive roast accidentally seasoned with toxic hand cleaner

Residents at one Canadian nursing home were recently served roast beef seasoned with toxic hand sanitizer.

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QCP sets July 25 vote on Welltower merger, "golden parachute" payments ... Black nurses sue LTC and rehab facility, alleging higher pay for white counterparts ... Garbage truck crashes into nursing home administrator's office (but he's OK) ... Medicare Advantage plan satisfaction holds steady, new survey finds

House GOP proposed budget takes a big whack at Medicare, Medicaid

House GOP proposed budget takes a big whack at Medicare, Medicaid

A budget proposal released by House Republicans on Tuesday takes a big chunk out of two of skilled nursing's biggest sources of revenue.

Lawmakers demand 'secret' nursing home rankings see daylight

Following a bombshell report released earlier this week, federal lawmakers are demanding that the Department of Veterans Affairs release once-hidden information about care quality at its nursing homes.

Facility accused in Irma deaths loses court battle

A Florida nursing home — which was the site of several residents' deaths after Hurricane Irma — was dealt a blow Wednesday in its attempts to reopen.

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Walgreens, Humana partner to offer senior-focused primary care clinics ... A new screening tool could help pinpoint early cognitive decline for dementia patients ... Ohio offers atypical public window into residents' views with LTC satisfaction survey

Despite not using long-term care, millennials have strong opinions on how it should be paid for

Though millennials aren't going to be utilizing long-term care anytime soon, they're still proving a big part of the puzzle — and have strong opinions on who should foot the bill for services.

Nursing home loses arbitration bid in wrongful death case

A Nebraska nursing home — which was attempting to sort out a wrongful death case via arbitration — must, instead, go to trial.

Consulate avoids 20-year Medicaid ban; but long road remains ahead

The Consulate Health Care nursing home chain has avoided an unprecedented 20-year Medicaid ban for one of its Florida facilities, a rare "win" for it with regulators lately. But the provider still has a long road ahead.

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Senate Budget Committee pressuring HHS chief over $89B in improper Medicare, Medicaid payments ... Hospitals beefing up ortho, joint replacement lines to capitalize on aging population ... Actress lobbies Senate for public health measures to fight 'insidious, cowardly' Alzheimer's

Nursing home rankings, once hidden from public, reveal poor picture of VA care

The federal government has hidden poor quality ratings at Veterans Affairs nursing homes from the public, according to a high-profile report, issued Monday.

MedPAC calls for lower SNF pay rates; provider advocates fire back

Provider advocates returned fire on Monday, after the group of experts, which advises Congress on Medicare policy, said future pay bumps for skilled nursing should be nixed.

$6,000 pay gap persists between men and women nurses

A stubborn pay gap continues between male and female nurses, despite the fact that women continue to dominate the ranks of the profession, according to new research.

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After years of planning, Virginia long-term care operators implement disaster plan ... CNA sentenced to five years in prison for setting nursing home ablaze ... Florida nursing homes asking for more time to comply with new backup electricity policies

Skyline avoids class-action suit in Arkansas

Skyline avoids class-action suit in Arkansas

A federal judge has dismissed a potential class action lawsuit against Skyline Highland Holdings — an entity connected to the operator whose homes went into receivership en masse this spring — ruling the case was without merit because attorneys failed to describe specific harm to residents.

Long-term care deals drove busy May

A month of more than 90 healthcare transactions was led by long-term care movers and shakers, according to a list compiled for Bloomberg Law.

Report: CMS hospital star ratings wrong for two years

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has miscalculated hospital star ratings for two years, according to a startling report published by Modern Healthcare Friday.

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OIG will review inappropriate Medicare Advantage denials, other CMS activity in expanded plan ... Nurse who stole opioid patches from residents' bodies faces 15 years in prison ... Using NSAID pain relievers increases cardiovascular risk in osteoarthritis patients