Real-life 'ghost busters' inspect abandoned nursing home

If there’s something strange in your nursing home, who ya gonna call? It may just be In Nomine Paranormal Research, a team of “ghost busters” who made some startling and spooky discoveries at a former facility in Ohio.

The Sandusky Nursing Home in Sandusky, OH, opened in 1969 as the Erie Care Center, a fifth-floor nursing home that was part of the Erie Inn Motor Hotel. By 1982, the nursing home had taken over the entire building before closing in 1988. The building was briefly used as a bed and breakfast before being abandoned in 1996. Since then, the building has remained empty—or has it? For years, people have reported hearing disembodied voices and footsteps. The ghost of a small child is said to roam the corridors of the old nursing home.

A recent blog on the chronicles the adventures of In Nomine Paranormal Research, paranormal researchers who were out to investigate these sightings. According to reports from INPR, mysterious footfalls landed in the doorways of rooms they occupied, though no one else was around. A floating “orb” also appeared to streak toward their camera, creating some interesting disturbances, though both researchers and blog commentators say it could just as easily have been dust.