Christin Delahay, LNHA, CDP

“I was a newbie on the job. I worked to develop rapport with the residents and staff. I always had wanted to work with Wesley Woods. I would ride past it and hope. It has changed so drastically over the years. Back then, there were no uniforms and we didn’t have computers.” — Linda Smith, Service Coordinator, Branan Towers, A Community of Wesley Woods, Atlanta

“We had federal surveyors walk in. We actually did fine. They found two deficiencies, both low in scope and severity. I had had [a survey] before so I knew what to expect. Those surveyors were much more intense and stressed than from the state. Ours are usually very supportive and educational, in order to spread best practices. The feds are out to get you. I’ve been doing this for 23 years, so I know what they’ll ask for. Immediately get out all the forms for them. Whenever you’re in that [eligible survey window], have that folder ready for them. That day went surprisingly well. We learned immediately who our [staff] superstars were.” — Derek Buckley, Chief Operating Officer, Attic Angel Association, Middleton, WI

“The excitement and knowing I was finally where I was supposed to be. Knowing I had made it — my first administrator position. I remember walking in and going, ‘Oh my God, I’m in charge.’ That was in February. I kept looking around and wondering who’s going to deal with this and that. And it was me! It was definitely a feeling that I had the power to make a difference. I had a safety survey that day, and that afternoon I had a family walk into my office and let loose on me. I got a pen and paper and said, ‘We’re going to take care of this and everything is going to work out.’ I was challenged right away off the bat.” — Christin Delahay, Administrator at a New York City-area facility

“I felt thrilled to be back in New York City, where our profession has a very different pace and approach. I had spent a year in Connecticut and 20 years in New Jersey. In New York, it’s so different. And so much had changed after 20 years. New York is so progressive with its care. We do so much online through the state portals that I didn’t do in New Jersey and Connecticut. To take a train to the Harlem train station, 100 feet from my new nursing home, was incredibly exciting. I was very glad — I have an involved owner [Norman Rausman] who believes in investing in what we need to provide patient care without being wasteful.” — Michael Hotz, Administrator, Northern Manhattan Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, New York, NY