“Instead of taking one big vacation each year, I enjoy getting away for several long weekends — whether it’s to a local destination or somewhere more exotic, like Puerto Rico. I also make it a priority in my day-to-day life to take time for myself since I know how important it is for caregivers to take care of themselves as well. For me, that may mean going to the spa, playing sports or even just trying a new restaurant.”— Debbie Harry-Miller, Vice President ofSales and Marketing, Heritage Senior Living,West Allis, WI

 “I find time for myself each day in those few seconds when there is no phone ringing, no emails, no texts and reflect on one thing I did that positively impacted someone’s day. From a laugh, to a hug, to a decision made, to just an ear to hear someone out. Anything that can make my heart feel warm.” — Collette Valentine-Gray, CEO/COO, Integral Senior Living, Carlsbad, CA 

“I try to take 20 minutes every morning to meditate, and an hour to exercise. I do this by putting it on my calendar as an appointment. This way it is a scheduled event!” — Debra Monteleone, Community Liaison, Sunnyview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Butler, PA

 “The ONLY way that has worked for me is to make an appointment with myself. If I prioritize the appointment, then it will be just as important as other scheduled items.”— John Rainbolt, LNHA, AdministratorRobert Lee Care Center, Robert Lee, TX

 “As a single working mother of two beautiful daughters, my day starts with an alarm from my Echo Dot andhearing Alexa run down my daily briefing. I have a morning meditation session for about 10 minutes. My mindfulness sessions have increased my focus and allowed me to sit in silence and learn to watch and listen to the world around me. [It’s about] planning ahead and understanding that we have choices we make daily.” -Natalie Adis, MBA, Interactive Media Manager, Marquis Health Services, Brick, NJ

 “I make sure to wake up in the morning to allow myself quiet time for reflection, to catch up on emails and to read the headlines. On the weekends, I enjoy doing something creative or nature-based, such as hikes or a drive in the country, something to change the scenery and allow me to recharge.”— Elizabeth Martin, MS, NHA, Administrator, Health Services, Lanier Village Estates, Gainesville, GA

 “I am an early riser and use that early morning time to read or take a quick walk. Whenever possible, my weekends at home are for my family, and we try to plan something together at least one day every weekend. I fi nd that this helps me to be refreshed.” — Kathleen Felezzola, RN, Sta Development Coordinator, Lantern Hill, New Providence, NJ