RCare Inc., maker of nurse call and monitoring solutions, last week released a Rapid Deployment Wireless Nurse Call Kit created specifically for emergency situations.

Designed for speed and ease-of-use, the Rapid Deployment Kit installs in five minutes to offer a reliable, secure, 40-patient nurse call system. RCare said its G4 platform provides best-in-class range to cover “even the largest of campuses and deepen building penetration.”

“The overall risk from this virus is still unknown, but what we do know is that many hospitals and providers are being overwhelmed with patients,” said CEO Myron Kowal. “We decided to quickly extend our technology capabilities to places where they are in dire need.”

The pre-programmed system includes a small touchscreen server, one pendant for each resident or patient and four pagers. Expansion kits are available. Only one internet connection is required, and no landlines are necessary.