Around 90% of long-term care providers have submitted electronic staffing data, officials said Thursday.

The Payroll-Based Journal submissions were due Nov. 14 to reflect staffing data from July 1 to Sept. 30. However, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services will accept submissions until Dec. 1 as long as providers are making a “good faith effort,” according to sources on a CMS Skilled Nursing Facilities/Long-Term Care Open Door Forum call Thursday.

Facilities are encouraged to save and submit information as often as they’d like, with an ability to edit data for previous weeks. If a facility is entering data manually and hitting save, it will receive an error code if there’s a problem, officials clarified.

After Dec. 1, there will be an indicator on the Nursing Home Compare website indicating whether facilities have submitted the staffing data.

Officials also reminded providers of the Phase 1 final rule implementation deadline, which is Nov. 28 (the Monday after Thanksgiving). Two Survey and Certification letters releases this month address Phase 1 implementation: 17-07-NH and 17-03-NH.

Online training is required for surveyors going to long-term care facilities to assess Phase 1 requirements. Training can be accessed here and will be available until July 2017.