WellSky, a global post-acute and community care technology company, has launched WellSky IO, an interoperability framework that supports local, regional and national patient data exchanges.

WellSky IO powers WellSky’s enterprise solutions for advanced analytics, tracking of social determinants of health, and longitudinal care coordination in an integrated, patient-centered ecosystem. Its goal is to help providers deliver smarter care and improve patient outcomes.

“We understand that interoperability needs to be so much more than just point-to-point interfaces, faxed documents and scanned PDFs,” WellSky CEO Bill Miller, said in a press release. “True interoperability has the power to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives and improve the overall health and wellness of our population.”

With WellSky IO, post-acute and community providers can use real-time health data to inform their decision-making, an especially important tool during transitions between settings. WellSky IO also interprets shared data and presents that data the way it was received, maintaining its original context as part of a longitudinal, coordinated view of each patient’s information.