Lief has created a thin wearable patch that helps reduce stress by vibrating when a user is anxious. The company is demonstrating it at CES.

The firm has raised nearly $204,000 in funding. The product was developed with Stanford and University of California at San Francisco clinicians, company officials said.

Lief will vibrate on the body when a user is feeling anxiety or stress, and the vibration will cue the user to exhale. Lief kit features the Lief smart patch, a self-regulation toolkit and app, eight weeks of Lief stickers and a microUSB charger.

“With only three minutes of restorative breathing following the vibration pattern of Lief, users will be back to their natural, healthier breath pattern, which can improve their overall health and mood,” said Lief founder Rohan Dixit.

Lief routines include “Control,” which helps wearers control their heart rate with concentration and focus, “Resilient,” which helps develop a calmer nervous system and mental state when external events occur, “Nudge,” which reinforces the wearer’s unique practice with a coach or therapist’s nudge and “Calm,” which helps reinforce deep breathing throughout the day for a calmer mind.

The CES show is this week in Las Vegas.