WaterStep’s BleachMaker

WaterStep, a Louisville-based nonprofit, is introducing a portable device that can create a gallon of bleach in an hour using just water, salt and a power source.

The BleachMaker provides an endless supply of bleach, a critical tool in fighting the spread of viruses and disease, including the coronavirus. The award-winning device can be used anywhere, and the bleach produced exceeds international standards for disinfectants.

WaterStep developed the device in 2014 to fight the Ebola outbreak in Africa, where emergency workers were not able to acquire enough disinfectant. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, WaterStep is fulfilling requests for the BleachMaker from governments, nonprofit organizations, hospitals and emergency providers.

“Organizations across the world must have access to the tools needed to protect human health,” said founder and CEO Mark Hogg. “Vulnerable populations are being impacted by COVID-19, and people are looking for help. The BleachMaker is an instant solution for prevention where sanitation supplies are running low.”

As a nonprofit, WaterStep relies on private purchases and donations to provide free devices to organizations that need it most, including homeless shelters, nursing homes, food pantries, hospitals and more. As more devices are being created, here’s how you can help: