Thrive Senior Living has selected Aiva Health for integrating Google Home and Amazon Echo into its communities.

Aiva’s system allows caregivers to have a mobile app that lets them manage help requests, a dashboard for performance reporting and interactions with other devices such as TVs, lights and thermostats.

Residents can speak with caregivers directly through the app, and caregivers can respond in their own voices, and route specific requests to team members.

In a seven-week pilot program at two Thrive communities, residents used the voice controls at twice the rate of average users, asking for things such as checking their social calendars to asking for help from caregivers.

“Integrating technology into our communities is a basic, yet powerful way to help our residents feel more connected. It allows our team members to spend less time managing logistics and more time building relationships, ultimately improving quality of life for older adults,” said Thrive President Les Strech.