Saber Healthcare Group has implemented its first telemedicine program in partnership with TeleCare Partners Group. The provider plans to roll the program out in its 88 facilities in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Indiana, North Carolina and Virginia over the next several months.

Currently, almost 24 Saber centers in the Midwest are using the technology. It allows an on-site nurse to employ a tech cart with medical equipment that can allow a physician to give an assessment via a video.

“It’s as if the physician is in the room,” said Lou Daniels, CEO of TeleCare Partners Group. “Now simple diagnoses can be made at 2 a.m., when a physician is not physically available, and spare an elderly patient a trip to the emergency room.”

Saber executives said the use of telemedicine will be part of the transitional care model that follows Triple Aim goals. The facilities are using telemedicine on nights, weekends and holidays when physicians are generally not in a facility.