Henry Schein Medical, exclusive distributor of Medpod Inc., has said its Medpod® MobileDoc® 2 is integrated with Uber Health. 

The medical microcart is in a portable and carry-on case, letting clinicians do tele diagnostic examinations for those in ambulances, homes or senior care facilities.

Uber Health is now providing Medpod access to Uber Health’s browser-based online dashboard. This lets practitioners with a MobileDoc or MobileDoc 2 dispatch an Uber driver to the patient, or arrange for a patient to be driven by Uber Health to a clinical care setting.

MobileDoc 2 also offers remote consultations and a flexible and customizable mobile medical infrastructure.

“Henry Schein Medical is eager to bring this expanded Medpod offering to our customers in multiple market segments, helping transform their practices and improve relationships with patients looking for convenient access to health care,” said Brad Connett, president, U.S. Medical Group, Henry Schein. “Together with Medpod and Uber Health, we look forward to expanding off-site point-of-care options our customers can rely on to meet their patients’ portable needs.”