TekTone has acquired majority ownership in Stay Smart Care, a company specializing in remote patient monitoring solutions.

Stay Smart Care will operate as a subsidiary of TekTone, allowing the two companies to provide a wider variety of intercommunication solutions and resources to care providers in a variety of markets.

“Stay Smart Care’s solutions definitely create added value for the TekTone community of customers,” said TekTone President John Mira-Knippel. “As an ISO-9001 registered company with almost five decades of success, TekTone presents a solid foundation upon which Stay Smart Care can thrive and grow.  We are excited to be able to introduce our existing customers to new ways of creating revenue for their business, as well as new ways of caring for seniors specifically.”

Together with Stay Smart Care, TekTone will offer a wide platform of solutions to help providers improve existing services and extend those services to those in need of care beyond the physical confinements of their campus.

TekTone designs and manufactures nurse call, wireless nurse/emergency call, wander management, Tek-SAFE area of rescue assistance systems, and Tek-ALERT integration systems.