Tekscan has introduced F-Scan64, a wireless in-shoe pressure mapping system that offers greater flexibility to collect gait data for clinical research.

In-shoe pressure mapping technologies use ultra-thin pressure sensors designed to fit within a subject or patient’s shoe to record pressure data while performing dynamic actions. These sensors are connected to data-acquisition electronics that collect pressure data onto a device worn by the subject for analysis after data collection, or transmitted wirelessly to a computer software program.

Biomechanics researchers and clinicians use in-shoe pressure data to pinpoint issues in the gait cycle, and identify and correct pathomechanical dysfunctions.

Featuring quick-connect, Bluetooth-enabled data acquisition electronics, F-Scan64 allows for natural gait data collection free from cords and restrictions of movement. It uses an ultra-thin and flexible pressure-sensing array of 64 sensing points that fits within the patient’s shoe. The software captures pressure, force, and temporal gait data, while also providing users access to the raw data for analysis.

“F-Scan64 is appropriate for measuring pressure and force during certain dynamic activities like walking, squats, or lunges,” said Alyssa Rubino, product manager for Tekscan’s Medical Division. “But we also support using it for pre- and post-rehabilitative treatment applications, or assisting in orthotic or corrective footwear selection and design.”