A new study supports absorbent products with curly fiber to reduce incontinence-associated skin damage (IASD), according to HARTMANN.

Conclusions from the study include:

  • Absorbent briefs containing curly fiber significantly lower/acidify the pH of skin exposed to an alkaline solution with pH similar to urine/feces while standard briefs do not.
  • Absorbent briefs containing curly fiber have the potential to prevent IASD, reduce IASD severity and promote IASD healing in older nursing home residents.

  • Findings support the use of absorbent briefs with curly fiber as a new strategy for combating IASD and maintaining skin health during incontinence.

  • Donna Z. Bliss, Ph.D., RN, FAAN, a University of Minnesota School of Nursing professor, presented the findings at the WOCN conference in Quebec.

IASD is generally caused by chronic exposure to urine or stool, which raise skin pH levels.

“The Bliss study supports our own laboratory findings and clearly demonstrates the pH-buffering power of curly fiber,” said Professor Hans Smola, Medical Director for HARTMANN. “When skin pH is reduced, the risk of IASD is also reduced.”