SkinIntegra, a skincare line designed to repair depleted and cracked skin, is donating samples of its Rapid Crack Repair Cream to healthcare facilities in California, Arizona, New York and Pennsylvania.

Frequent hand washings with disinfecting soap to prevent COVID-19 contamination are harsh on hands and can cause cracks, which are vulnerable to infections. SkinIntegra’s Rapid Crack Repair Cream formula contains plant oils and urea, which quickly help repair depleted skin.

“SkinIntegra wanted to do something to help healthcare professionals keep their hands free of cracks and irritation, which can lead to dangerous infections,” said Erika Tazberik, SkinIntegra’s founder and president. “We will make as much of our inventory available as we can to help these remarkable frontline workers.”

Hospitals, healthcare facilities and skilled nursing care facilities can apply for product donations at The donation size provides personal protection for one worker, with two daily applications, for one month.

Developed and tested with dermatologists and podiatrists and designed for compromised skin such as that of diabetics and people with mild eczema or psoriasis-prone skin, SkinIntegra is free of fragrances, dyes, petrolatum, parabens and other potential irritants.