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Hamilton Insurance Agency and ServarusRM have released Version 2.0 of their risk-management software application  ERMA (Electronic Risk Management Assistant)

ERMA has allowed providers to have a web-based tool to track and trend incidents in their facility. The data is used by risk managers and Quality Assurance specialists to determine root causes.

ERMA 2.0 has been unveiled and implemented into its long-standing client base, with plans to expand it into assisted living.

“Our Early Adopter customers who have all been using ERMA for many years helped us in the development of ERMA 2.0,” said Alan Zuccari, the President of Hamilton Insurance Agency. “Our customers have come to depend on the insight ERMA provides to them and even though many of them now use an EMR, they have not abandoned ERMA and use it every day. In fact, in this new environment of Value-Based Care, ACOs and Revenue Cycle Management, the benefits that ERMA provides are more important today than they were in 1999.”