RESTORE Skills, a cloud-based platform for virtual care and therapeutic games, this week launched its new RESTORE-Together technology featuring a multiplayer function that allows patients to play skill-building games with loved ones without the need for in-person visits.

The RESTORE-Together technology also gives patients the ability to join virtual group games and activities with residents at other skilled nursing facility locations across the country.

Residents can access multiplayer games from the safety of their rooms, turning any patient room into a therapy gym. Players can participate with people they know or in live, nationwide gaming tournaments.

RESTORE-Together creates safe social gaming opportunities during the coronavirus pandemic, another tool facilities can use to fight isolation in nursing homes — especially as colder weather begins to limit outdoor activities.

Facilities can run the platform from webcam-enabled laptops that have an internet connection. The system collects patient data for patient and facility overviews even as it offers a fun gaming experience. Engaging games include virtual slot machines, bingo, skiing and other simulations that use targeted activities to motivate patients to practice and achieve therapy goals.