Baltimore-based Remedi SeniorCare has opened a new PAXIT pharmacy in Chicago.

The 12th location expands Remedi’s reach to 32 states and provides institutional pharmacy services to more than half the nation. The 50,000-square-foot pharmacy will dispense Remedi’s proprietary dispensing system PAXIT and eventually employ more than 200 individuals.

“PAXIT is in high demand among our current and prospective customers, and we continue to expand to support that demand,” said Chairman and CEO Jeffrey M. Stamps, RPh. “Remedi SeniorCare remains committed to our customer-focused approach and to expanding our geographic scope as an innovative and technology-enabled pharmacy service provider.”

PAXIT’s provides unique 24-hour, unit-dose packaging, organized by med pass time, aimed at increasing accuracy, efficiency and safety while reducing waste. The technology, already popular in skilled nursing, is driving high penetration in assisted living settings too.