Direct Supply is now offering its customers the OnSite TE-5000, a medical waste disposal solution that provides immediate sterilization so nursing homes can safely dispose of medical waste overnight without the high cost of traditional hauling.

“Medical waste disposal is an area primed for cost savings and increased efficiencies,” said Todd Sobotka, director of innovation at Direct Supply. “OnSite provides a logical alternative to the status quo by enabling immediate sterilization of potentially infectious material, helping to reduce foot traffic and costly pick-ups. OnSite also develops flexible plans for each facility that provide standard, centralized financial and regulatory administration.”

For nearly 50 years, healthcare providers have stored medical waste onsite before having it hauled away by outside vendors to the tune of nearly $4 billion annually.

The OnSite TE-5000 unit fits on a desk and heats sharps and red-bag waste between 350-400 degrees for 90 minutes. This ensures all bacteria, spores and viruses – such as COVID-19 – are completely destroyed. All plastic components are melted down, reducing the contents by 80% to a disposable “brick.”

“Together, we’re making an immediate impact by delivering total waste solutions — highlighted by the OnSite TE-5000 —  to senior care and medical facilities, such as Guardian Healthcare, helping them save money and find practical operating efficiencies,” said Brad Barnes, OnSite’s CEO. 

Jarrod Degenhard, vice president of environmental services for Guardian Healthcare, said the OnSite solution has enhanced the company’s infectious control procedures and driven down costs and environmental impact.